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improve the standard of real estate services

Worldland Group is formed by Wayne Hor in tandems with the needs of today's real estate market.

we combine our experience, knowledge and skill in order to continue to expand, grow and

run a successful integrated real estate agency and deliver marketing solutions on a  worldwide scale.

we emphasize the ethicality and integrity in our business.


our aim is to project the company as multi-faceted, integrated and innovative real estate agency. we are striving to remain at the forefront of real estate best practice in Malaysia

our core value

Our corporate value is the foundation upon 

which our company is built. It lies with:

People : ethical and responsible negotiators,

 we build a corporate value


Portfolio : quality property listings,

we enhance the business value


Partners : nurturing a winning network,

we create enduring value

Productivity : emphasizing on effectiveness and 
we excel our work value